Cationic Surfactant Series

Cationic surfactant, the ionization is its molecules soluble in water, connected to the lipophilic group of hydrophilic group is positively charged surfactants. Lipophilic group is usually long carbon chain alkyl. The vast majority of hydrophilic group will be cationic nitrogen atoms, a few of sulfur or phosphorus atoms cation. Has no surface active molecules anion, usually single atoms or groups, such as chlorine, bromine, acetic acid ions, etc. Cationic surfactant with positive charge, and anionic surfactant with the opposite charge, both used generally to form precipitation, loss of surface activity. It can be used and non-ionic surfactants

Used as fabric softener, paint and ink printing auxiliary agent, antistatic agent, fungicide, asphalt emulsifier, hair conditioner, baked ointment.

Because generally the surface of the substrate with a negative ion, when positively charged cationic surfactants when contact with the substrate and dirt on the surface of the union, not to dissolve dirt detergent so don’t usually do.

Cationic surfactants in aqueous solution of ionization generated when the surface of the positively charged ions, the hydrophobic group are similar to those of anionic surfactant. Cationic surfactants hydrophilic radical ion containing nitrogen atoms, according to the position of the nitrogen atoms in the molecule can be divided into different amine salt, quaternary ammonium salt and three types of heterocyclic type.

Amine salt is to use acid and alkyl primary amine, secondary amine and tertiary amine or get a product of ethanol amine. According to the different divided into fatty amine salt of amine salt and ethanol amine salt and polyethylene polyamine.

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